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DIY and Home Improvement

There are millions of homeowners doing various DIY jobs around their homes every day. From building garden fences to fixing light bulbs, thousands of people take it upon themselves to fix things around the house. There are various reasons people choose do to DIY. Some people do it because they love it and they take great pleasure in the quality of their work. Others do it to show off their workmanship to their friends, family and associates. Some do it to save money. Yes, you can save hundreds or even thousands by doing your own DIY.

However, DIY is not all it's hyped up to be. For most people it's really hard work. A lot of projects are started that are never completed. Some husbands have been promising to fix a leaking pipe in the kitchen for over a decade.

There is also the issue of health and safety. In the UK thousands of people get injured while doing DIY work. If you don't follow instruction or don't do things properly, you could end up with cuts and bruises, back pain and many other nasty surprises.

But despite all the disadvantages of doing DIY around the house, it has lots of advantages and many people love doing it for that reason. Many major home improvement stores like BIQ, Homebase and Wickes now provide free guides that show how to install just about everything they sell.

This site has been set up to help people who love DIY to find stores near where they live and also to help find some information on various DIY issues and questions. We hope you find it useful. We also feature a blog where updates and news are posted. Feel free to post comments, suggestions and requests in the blog section.

If you are looking for DIY and home improvement shops near where you live just follow the link that says ‘DIY Shops’ and when you get to the page find a town near where you live. After you've clicked on the link for the town near where you live, you'll find a list of stores in the area. Each listing features the name, physical address, postcode and telephone number of the store.

We hope you find this site useful. Feel free to bookmark any page you like on this site and tell your friends and associates about it.

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